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Download PictureCode Photo Ninja v1.2.6 for Windows-BEAN

 Photo Ninja is a professional-grade RAW converter that delivers exceptional detail, outstanding image quality, and a distinctive, natural look. If you think this is “just another RAW converter”, you’re in for a surprise. Photo Ninja is truly special, with unique capabilities for improving and optimizing your digital images. Click on the items below to learn more about this powerful tool, and read why serious photographers are adopting it into their workflows.
* Photo Ninja offers a powerful, integrated suite of state-of-the-art enhancement and correction tools. Click on the images below to view examples and learn about some of the distinctive capabilities of the product.
* Once you discover the illumination and tone controls in Photo Ninja, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them. These controls access a remarkable adaptive lighting engine that can pull detail from shadows, overcome backlighting, tame aggressive highlights, and compress excessive contrast — all without flattening detail and without halo artifacts. This state-of-the-art technology intelligently compresses dynamic range while yielding pleasing, natural-looking results.
* Photo Ninja’s exceptional Detail Enhancement filter intelligently boosts or smooths detail in an image. This world-class technology can “pop” fine- and medium-scale detail in an image and add drama with natural-looking results and without distracting halos. Depending on the subject and the amount of enhancement, the effect can be varied from subtle to surreal, offering a considerable range of artistic control.
* Digital cameras are notoriously unforgiving of overexposure. Fortunately, Photo Ninja includes world-class technology for repairing many cases of overexposure in RAW images. While the effectiveness depends on the particular subject matter and the degree of overexposure, Photo Ninja can often produce a very convincing reconstruction of the missing data. Moreover, it is fully automatic and works seamlessly with the exposure and tone controls.
* Since we launched our Noise Ninja product line in 2003, it has served as the gold standard for image noise reduction, and the technology has been licensed to medical equipment, semiconductor, and camera manufacturers. For Photo Ninja, we developed a completely new noise reduction algorithm. Branded as Noise Ninja 3, it’s our best noise reduction technology yet. It features an improved tradeoff between noise suppression and detail preservation, better treatment of color, and more natural smoothing of contoured areas. In addition, luminance noise reduction can coordinate with sharpening so that edges are sharpened while smooth areas are avoided.
* With Photo Ninja’s black and white filter, you can easily create pleasing monochrome images, and you have flexible control over the tonal interpretation of an image. A set of base conversions mimics the use of color filters in traditional black-and-white film photography. A hue-specific control supports fine tuning by varying the relative lightness of particular color ranges. For instance, you can target blues to darken the sky, or red-orange hues to lighten skin tones.
A split-tone colorization feature can map shadows to one color and highlights to another, with blended colors for intermediate tones. Subtle split toning can be effective for warming or cooling an image or improving separation of elements. Photo Ninja provides control over the midpoint of the blend and the rate of transition from one color to another, enabling a wide range of toning effects.
* Photo Ninja includes simple, effective controls for setting the white balance in an image (that is, removing color casts). It also utilizes light source profiles to improve the overall accuracy of colors.
Built-in daylight profiles are available for a large number of cameras. These will usually yield good results for natural or tungsten lighting. For more accuracy or to accomodate additional kinds of lighting, you can photograph a ColorChecker reference target under a particular illuminant and then use Photo Ninja’s profiling facility to quickly create a custom light source profile. Creating a custom profile is easy, and Photo Ninja supports creating profiles for individual shooting sessions.
* For achitecture or other subjects where straight lines need to be straight, Photo Ninja offers a lens correction filter that can repair the complex distortion typical of modern zoom and wide-angle lenses. The correction model is mathematically derived from optics theory, and it is powerful enough to correct combined fisheye, pincushion/barrel, and “moustache” distortion with only a few parameters.
A convenient alignment tool takes the guesswork out of manual adjustment. With this tool, you place several points along an edge that is supposed to be straight, and Photo Ninja automatically calculates the optimal correction settings. The settings can be saved in a smart preset that automatically retrieves the appropriate correction based on the EXIF lens type, focal length, and focus distance.
Photo Ninja also includes perspective and rotation controls, to correct keystoning (converging parallel lines) and to level horizons.
* One of the most important and difficult steps in raw conversion is to reconstruct full-color RGB pixels from raw sensor values in an operation called “demosaicing”. Photo Ninja incorporates a world-class demosaicing algorithm that yields a natural, photographic look with few digital artifacts.
Two modes are available. The standard algorithm is suitable for the majority of cameras that have adequately strong antialiasing filters in front of the sensor. This algorithm is relatively fast and yields excellent results. The enhanced mode is appropriate for cameras with weak or missing antialiasing filters. It is slower, but in many cases it can significantly reduce directional artifacts and moire patterns that would otherwise result because of the lack of antialiasing.
For most photographers, we recommend using cameras with antialiasing filters. Antialiasing substantially reduces the risk and severity of demosaicing artifacts and moire. Apparent softness can be effectively overcome with Photo Ninja’s excellent sharpening filter, which uses deblurring technology that can effectively compensate for antialiasing blur.
* Photo Ninja includes a streamlined, integrated browser that is very handy for navigating through folders, opening images, and performing basic administrative tasks, all without leaving Photo Ninja. It works directly from the file system, so there is no need to import into a catalog or library. Just choose a folder and start browsing. It’s simple and fast.
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