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Download DIGICORP Ingegneria Civil Design 10.0 SP4-P2P

DIGICORP Ingegneria, a producer and seller technical software for civil engineering planning and computing, has released update (SP4) of Civil Design for Autodesk 10.0 version, is a complete and integrated environment for the planning and computing of civil works. It’s an AutoCAD integrated software which completes the most widespread CAD environment with specific commands, essential for technicians operating in this sector.
- New commands to page the alignment using a planimetric subdivision in print layout.
- New functions to create the automatic 3D design: now it’s possible to check the slope behaviour in dependence of the chainage. Moreover the the benches can have a slope value different from zero.
- Management of new road norms: now you can use the french ICTAAL norm and the US AASHTO norm.
- Added new functions in paramteric rules of sections.
- Now you can use digital models external from AutoCAD/BricsCAD. So you can reduce the design size maintaining always the same possibilities in calculation of sections and profiles.
OS: Windows 7even / 8 / 8.1