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Download FXpansion Cinematic Drums Expander for Geist-P2P

Geist Expander: Cinematic Drums is a Geist Expander featuring the huge and powerful sound of drumkit ensembles. Created by experienced soundtrack composer Jacques Mathias, Cinematic Drums captures the explosive impact of multiple drummers playing powerful hits in unison – both dry and with the rich ambience that is essential for the ensemble effect.
- 10-drumkit ensembles designed
- Cinematic Drums includes pre-mixed large ensembles of 30, 50, 60 and 90 stacked hits for certain instruments
- Wide range of Geist pattern banks and low ensemble and reversed sounds for tension and suspense effects
- Cinematic Drums is perfect for film
Download Uploaded: Part_1 – Part_2
Download Nitroflare: Part_1 – Part_2