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Download DVB Dream v3.4

DVB Dream – an alternative program for satellite tuners. The greatest interest is a just for holders DVB-S and DVB-S2 tuners , but additionally supports digital standards DVB-T and DVB-C. Has very rich functionality and advanced settings . Interface is convenient and quite attractive . It supports skins , change part design panel. Overall, the program DVB dream made very soundly. There is a thoughtful dialogue , multilingual interface, support of various satellite equipment and plug-ins.
* Multi PIP (19+1, watch a few channels at the same time)
* Multi recording (record more than 1 channel at the same time)
* HDTV and H264 support
* Timeshift
* LAN Streaming
* VLC or MPC Integration
* Auto-zap
* Unique channel list system (grouping/ordering by several flexible options)
* Favorite channels
* Quick Favorites
* Child lock
* Embedded aspect ratio modes
* Cropping / Zoom
* Sleep timer
* Record timer
* Scheduler
* Render-less mode
* Internal graph building
* Multi monitor support
* Command line support
* Network Scan
* Raw Diseqc commands support
* Plugins support
* Preffered languages
* Uncommitted switches support
* Unicable support
* Positioner support(including GotoX.X / USALS)
* Snapshot feature
* Keyboard shortcuts
* Remote control support
* Themes
* 29 languages support
Supported Devices:
* BDA Devices (FireDTV, Terratec Cinergy, TBS Q-Box, Compro VideoMate S350, KNC1, Twinhan and many others…)
* B2C2 (Skystar2, Airstar, Cablestar)
* Twinhan (All BT 878 PCI models should work *)
* Pinnacle PCTV Sat/400i/Lite
* Genpix 8PSK to USB device
* Broadlogic (BL2030)
* DVBWorld (Nextorm/SatStar2/Acorp TV878DS USB/PCI)
* Tongshi DVB-S
* Coship/SmartVision CdvbAny2030s
Modules that you can use:
* DVBEPG (Grid based EPG module)