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Download Outlook Lan Messenger v5.0.2

Outlook Lan Messenger v5.0.2

LAN Messenger for Small, Medium and Corporate Enterprises Outlook LAN Messenger is a Cross Platform instant messaging software designed for use within Small, Medium and Corporate Offices Local Area Network.This Intranet Office Messenger is an ideal replacement for Internet messengers in companies, having private and secure messaging and improves internal communications, business productivity and relationships with colleagues inside office.

Easy to Install & Use "ZERO" Settings

Compatible with LAN, Terminal Services, Sub-Network, VPN, WAN. Outlook Messenger adopts peer-to-peer server-less technology, that requires No Server & No Internet connection. This application works across Windows / MAC / Linux Ethernet port using TCP/IP protocol. Installation can be easily done without seeking system administrator help - Just install the software in all the computers, and the program is ready to use. Users need not add friends list manually, its automatically done.

WHATS EXCLUSIVE in Outlook Messenger?

Terminal Service offers Multiple Instance running in Single Computer

Link Server Service helps to link Subnetwork / VPN users

Broadcast IP Tool to reduce Network Traffic in Subnetwork

Server based Offline Messaging (option)

Outlook Plug-in to exchange Outlook data like emails, contacts, appointments

Remote Desktop Sharing - access and edit colleagues desktop application sitting from your PC

Admin Tool allows administrator to configure Outlook Messenger in all the computers - from his computer

MAC LAN Messenger Outlook Messanger MAC OS X version to communicate with Windows / Linux Version.

Linux LAN Messenger Outlook Messenger Linux version to communicate with Windows / MAC Version.

Has Richest Features & More Options than similar LAN messaging software

Exclusive features only on Outlook Messenger: Admin tool, Broadcast IP, Remote Desktop, Outlook Plug-in

Cheapest LAN chat tool available in the market today

Cross Platform LAN Network Messenger

PLATFORM: Windows 9X, NT, ME, XP, 2003, Vista

FILES : 5.01mb



FIX : Patch