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Download Altera Quartus NIOS II Embedded Design Suite v9.1

Nios II Software Build Tools-a set of powerful commands, utilities, and scripts to manage build options for applications, board support packages, and software libraries.

Nios II Software Build Tools For Eclipse-a fully integrated development environment built from the ground up using Nios II Software Build Tools as a foundation built entirely as plug-ins to industry-standard Eclipse.

Nios II Software Build Tools for Eclipse focuses on improving software productivity for large software applications and team-based software design.

Key features: * Faster software compile times as compared to Nios II IDE

* Fine control over build options for board support packages

* Improved revision control and project hand off

* Feature-rich Nios II Flash Programmer GUI for building composite flash images

The new Nios II Software Build Tools for Eclipse is part of the Nios II Embedded Design Suite and is the next generation of the Nios II IDE. The Nios II IDE will continue to ship as a legacy tool. You can find instructions on converting your Nios II IDE project to the new Nios II Software Build Tools for Eclipse in the Appendix A. Using the Nios II Integrated Development Environment (PDF).