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Download ToonTrack EZ Player PRO VSTi RTAS v1.0.6

EZplayer* pro is a MIDI organizer, multi track arranger and format conversion tool all rolled into one nifty piece of software that you can plug into any VST, Audio Unit or RTAS compatible master application.
With it you can convert between mapping formats and collect all your MIDI clips in one convenient location, the EZplayer* pro Browser. You can use EZplayer* pro to preview those MIDI clips with your favourite drum sampler and drag and drop them directly into your host to construct your tracks.

You can also use the multi track Arranger built into EZplayer* pro to put drum tracks together, on as few or as many tracks as is convenient or required.

But it does not stop there, using an intelligent cataloging system, EZplayer* pro is capable of isolating percussive instruments from the MIDI files, allowing you to re-combine patterns from different grooves to form exciting new beats. Furthermore, you can step through variations and fuse them into performances that can be re-used in future compositions.

Used in conjunction with Toontrack solo and EZdrummer* or Superior Drummer*, the award winning samplers from Toontrack* Music, EZplayer* pro also becomes a stand alone workstation for creating MIDI beats independently from your day-to-day sequencer.

EZplayer* pro comes with a generous amount of percussive MIDI files to get you started. The files are played by Toontrack* artists David ”Fingers” Haynes and Per Mikaelsson (drummer of the Claustrophobic EZX*).

EZplayer* pro is included with every copy of Superior Drummer* 2.0 but is also available as a separate product from Toontrack* Music and associated distributors. To learn more about Superior Drummer* 2.0 please visit the S2.0 product page.