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Download Gemvision Matrix 3D v6.0

Professional CAD / CAM plug Rhinocoros, designed specifically for three-dimensional modeling of jewelry, simply indispensable for designers working on the computer. The intuitive interface allows you to quickly understand and figure out how to run the program, which highlights the design and modeling, are reduced to a set of management postroiteley.Postroiteli - this time to keep the menu simple step by step with the administration, allowing the user to modify all the parameters of the elements. Interfaces provide a change management project in real time on screen in immediate response to user actions. Computer design is transformed into an interactive modeling process, the changing speed of the imagination of the designer. Program whose specialist to create highly realistic models of jewelry.

Year: 2009

Version: 6.0 SR2

Developer: Gemvision

Platform: Windows XP, Vista

Compatibility with Vista: complete

Language: English

Medicine: Present

System requirements: * 2 GB or better of DDR RAM. Only 64-bit operating systems support higher than 4 GB

* 512 MB or better nVidia GeForce video card (Quadro cards NOT recommended)

* Matrix / CounterSketch / Rhino operating on the Vista platform is NOT compatible with ATI video graphics cards and is NOT supported by Gemvision technical support.

* 19 inch monitor (desktop) or larger

* 15-17 inch monitor (laptop) or larger

* Minimum screen resolution wide aspect is WXGA + (1440x900) recommend WSXGA + (1680x1050) or higher

* Minimum screen resolution 4:3 aspect is SXGA (1280x1024) or better

* DVD-ROM or DVD + /-RW drive required (install is DVD format)

Installation instructions: 1. Set Rhinoceros

2. Set yourself Matrix Matrix60Install.msi

3. We put to him Update

4. From the archive crack mtx60_Update_2009-03-17_601.rar extract the file cgauth.dll replace the folder C: \ Program Files \ Matrix60 \ VRayForMatrix

5. And so, at your discretion if you want to work with the machine Revo is a folder "M" copy the file to C: \ Program Files \ Matrix60 or standard Matrix folder "R" copy the file to C: \ Program Files \ Matrix60

6. Run.