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Download Movie Label 2011 v6.1

Movie Label 2011 v6.1

What can Movie Label do for you ?*

• Get your whole collection organized in no time. Simply type titles or scan barcodes and all information about your movies and TV-series is automatically downloaded.

• Find those golden oldies with the powerful yet easy-to-use search engine.*

• Save money by not purchasing duplicate movies and by keeping track of DVDs on loan.*

• Get the full picture of your collection with statistics and reports.*

• Catalog any kind of media ranging from DVD and Blu-ray to Divx movies on your hard drive, or even VHS if you still have those. You can even add your own media types, making Movie Label future proof.*

• See your collection with whole new eyes and learn new things about your movies by reading the downloaded trivia.*

• Export your collection and save it on your mobile device to carry it along at all times. Movie Label exports to a variety of formats.*

What information is downloaded ?*

The following info is downloaded when available:*

• Media: Cover Art, Trailer link*

• Lists: Cast, Crew, Genres, Audio Formats, Languages, Subtitles, Aspect Ratios, TV-series episodes (including plot etc for each episode)*

• Info: Title, Original Title, Plot, Tagline, Studio, Release Date, Certification, Country, Rating, Trivia (fun facts), etc..*

• The above and more is downloaded. Apart from the downloaded information you can add a lot of info: Last Watched, Special Features, Rating, Price, Location, Website, etc..*

Are there any limits to the product ?*

Movie Label is a very mature product that uses a powerful database engine. This sets it apart from other products in the category.*

• There is no limit to the number of databases you can keep. So keep one database for each family member if you wish.*

• There is no limit to the size of each database and the product wont get slow even after adding thousands of movies.*

• Movie Label is built from the ground up to support Unicode so you can use characters from any part of the world.*

Quick Facts*

• Quickly get your movie library organized by typing the title or barcode.*

• Catalog any type of media (DVD, Blu-ray, VHS, LD, Divx, etc).*

• Scan your hard drive to find movie files and add them to your collection.*

• Keep track of movies on loan with the built-in loan manager.*

• Search and sort your collection with one click.*

• Print reports and watch a variety of statistics.*

• Export to various formats (HTML, XML, PDF, Excel, etc)*

• Keep a list of wanted and ordered items.*

• Create any number of databases of any size.