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Download ColorQuick Pro v3.0

ColorQuick Pro v3.0 build 155 | 539MB

DuPont - a unique system tsvetopodbora, which includes both traditional, time-tested tools and modern software ColorQuick, ColorNet and ChromaVision.

Version: 3.0, build 155

Language: Multilingual

Tabletka: Not required

Size: 539.32 Mb

Screenshots: This system allows you to precisely match the paint to any car foreign and domestic brands. DuPont - a recognized leader in the production of conveyor paint constantly intensive research work in the field of manufacturing of paints and varnishes. These techniques and materials allow us to use the latest color formulas and shades even before cars off the assembly line.

Using a special computer program, taking into account the type of the car, picked up the necessary samples of enamel paint. For a complete coincidence of the color you need code car paint, or any painted in the color detail, using their professional colorist will paint for your car. From the obtained paint creates a test-deposition, which will allow for a comparative analysis of the color. ColorQuick Pro is one of these programs to calculate the color of paint.

Technical information and Colour Pages: * To view technical information (TDS) or Colour Pages Use the "Docviewer".

* To install the program "DocViewer" on your computer, run setup.exe from the directory *: \ DOC \ Select "Install Docviewer".

* The latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your computer.