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Download Garmin Recreational Map of Europe v3.01

The advanced technology used by GARMIN, allowed to develop GPS-receivers, which carry out fast and firm grip of satellites and continuously track your location with low power consumption. GARMIN GPS-receivers have high computing power, providing a continuous update, smooth scrolling maps and display your location in real time. After acquiring GPS-receiver from GARMIN, you will be able to extract from it the maximum of useful information through a unique combination of precision, quality and reliability inherent to all devices GARMIN.

The card for loading into the device. Map unlocked. To view further provided unpacked GmapTools-ohm version for MapSource. Map is not routed. This is almost "Topo" map for the whole of Europe with the contour lines 25m. This map will appear with the new Garmin Oregon 550T. Map supplied DEM layer, where you can enjoy the terrain profile.