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Download ExtremeCopy Pro v1.5.1

Program to significantly improve the performance of operations to copy files and folders on Windows. According to the manufacturer, the application will help move and copy files to a 20-120% faster
than is possible own resources. Especially noticeable increase in speed when copying large files (databases, media), including and local networks.
Extremely fast copying and moving files. The possibility of setting up the process to pause and its subsequent renewal. Calculation and demonstration of the exact time remaining until the end of copying. If you find problems in the process of copying or transferring a file (for example, in the case of locking the desired object) suspend the application process and continue copying after the removal of obstacles.

UnaTTended (Silent Installation) - this program is installed automatically. That is, you do not need to enter the keys and use other methods of registering (patches, cracks, etc.). When Unattended Setup is not necessary to press constantly "on", the program will do everything for you. Once installed it is completely ready to work.

Imagine, for example: You are an administrator and you need to install on multiple computers operating system Windows (of course it will be unattended Windows build) and install the same suite of programs. If you use unattended soft, you can greatly save time.

Software will also be useful for those people who do not like to dig a trifle installation program, or do not want to bother themselves. And especially impressed by those people who face difficulties in the installation (installation) applications. For example: Newcomers, old man. Building UnaTTended (Silent install) all by herself and does not require your intervention. Just run and after the installation program is ready for use with all built-in applications and supplements.

OS: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
Language: English
License: Crack (Silent Installation)
Size: 2 Mb