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Download ObjectDock Plus v2.0


is designed to add style, organization, and function to your Windows experience. Place your favorite web links, program shortcuts and information widgets on this fun, animated and easy-to-use dock. Additional docklets provide quick access to weather, time, and other useful information. A new UI allows users to choose from a number of styles and special effects for a custom experience. The free version has only one dock (Plus version adds capability to have multiple docks, adds Tabbed docks, System Tray support and skin recoloring).

What's new in this version: * Icon reflections;

* Background blur-behind (Vista/Win7 only);

* Brand new User Interface and revamped menus;

* Now displays all running programs in your dock, allowing for pinning & unpinning ("Show Applications" mode);

* For new users, automatically imports your quicklaunch icons (XP/Vista) or pinned taskbar icons (Windows 7) into your dock;

* Mouseover effects previously only available in Plus now available in free version (Zoom, Swing and Glow, plus one brand new effect "Bubble");

* Ability to show minimized-windows-only in the dock;

* Ability to have the dock always on top, but autohide when there is a maximized window (on by default);

* New weather module with greatly increased reliability and built-in location search;

* New true-stretch background drawing mode (among other tags) for improved skinnability;

* New high-quality artist-prepared bundled backgrounds;

* New icon-transparency setting, with new 'ghost mode';

* Drastically improved background browser.

Year: October 12, 2010

OS: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Language: English

License: Free

Size: 20.44 Mb