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Download EMS SQL Management Studio 2010 for InterBase and Firebird v1.2.0.5

EMS SQL Management Studio 2010 for InterBase and Firebird

is a complete solution for InterBase and Firebird database administration and development. With components that focus on all critical database management tasks, SQL Studio for InterBase and Firebird is a single workbench that provides you with must-have tools for administering IB and Firebird databases, managing database schema and objects as well as for InterBase and Firebird database design, migration, extraction, InterBase and Firebird query building, data import, export and database comparison.

SQL Studio

unites these database tools for InterBase and Firebird in one powerful and easy-to-use environment that can work round the clock. With SQL Management Studio many database administration objectives, such as migration, data loading and synchronization, database backup and extraction can be automated, allowing InterBase and Firebird database administrators and application developers to perform complex tasks on a regular basis with the minimum number of efforts and a high level of flexibility. Whether you are a database or application developer, DBA or business analyst, SQL Studio for InterBase and Firebird offers all essential InterBase tools and Firebird tools to make you more productive than ever before!

SQL Management Studio 2010 for InterBase/Firebird components

* SQL Manager for InterBase/Firebird - Simplify and automate your InterBase/Firebird database development process, design, explore and maintain existing InterBase/Firebird databases, build compound InterBase/Firebird SQL query statements, manage InterBase/Firebird database user rights and manipulate data in different ways. Learn more *

* Data Export for InterBase/Firebird - Export InterBase/Firebird database data to any of 19 most popular data formats, including MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word, PDF, HTML, ODF and more. Learn more *

* Data Import for InterBase/Firebird - Import data to InterBase/Firebird database tables from MS Access, MS Excel, CSV, XML and other popular formats via user-friendly wizard interface. Learn more *

* Data Pump for InterBase/Firebird - Migrate from most popular databases (MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2, et*.) to InterBase/Firebird. Convert database schema and import table data to InterBase/Firebird database from any ADO-compatible source. Learn more *

* Data Generator for InterBase/Firebird - Generate test data for InterBase/Firebird database for testing purposes in a simple and direct way. Wide range of data generation parameters, user-friendly wizard interface and useful console utility to automate InterBase/Firebird test data generation. Learn more *

* DB Comparer for InterBase/Firebird - Compare and synchronize the structure of InterBase/Firebird databases. Move changes on your development database to production with ease. Learn more *

* DB Extract for InterBase/Firebird - Create InterBase/Firebird database backups in the form of SQL scripts, script and save your InterBase/Firebird database structure and table data as a whole or partially. Learn more *

* SQL Query for InterBase/Firebird - Analyze and retrieve your data, build your InterBase/Firebird queries visually, work with InterBase/Firebird query plans, build charts based on retrieved data quickly and more. Learn more *

* Data Comparer for InterBase/Firebird - Compare and synchronize the contents of your InterBase/Firebird databases. Automate your data migrations from development to production database. Customize the InterBase/Firebird comparison and synchronization process to suit your needs. Learn more *

SQL Studio Additional Features

* Handy launch of utilities and services

* Storing all templates in a single repository

* Common data source list for all services and utilities

* Creating complicated tasks and scheduled tasks execution

* Ability to run external applications from scheduler

* Storing all task execution logs in one database

* Creating customized notifications with a variety of delivery options

* Ability to set visual interface style uniquely for all SQL Studio apps

* Fast access to EMS Technical Support Service