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Download 3D Impact Pro v1.28

3D Impact Pro 1.28

Size: 11.66MB

Aimed at making simple 3D animations out of text, buttons, logos, and the like, this application can help even beginning designers get up and running quickly. Its initial installation process drags a bit, but once operating, it offers a considerable range of options. New users are presented with a simple step-by-step wizard that opens with the program, while experienced users can create a new project using the wizard itself, adapt one of the included templates, or start from a blank slate. The program offers a large number of elements that help give text or graphics a third dimension, applying bevel, lighting, photo-realistic surfaces, and motion. A catalog of banners, icons, arrows, and other graphic elements is included. Experienced designers may want a more powerful animation tool, but for those who simply want to give new dimensions to text or simple graphics, this download will do the trick.