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Download Symbolic Composer v6.3

Symbolic Composer 6.3

Size : 98.6 MB

Symbolic Composer is one of the most advanced and largest music composition language available with over 1000 music algorithms, suitable for modern, classic, dance, ambient, electronic and experimental styles.

Symbolic Composer runs now natively on the Intel Mac. New additions include pink noise, popcorn and asymmetric noise functions, and VRML 3D support - and many others that are new for the previous SCOM Mac PPC users.

Here are some key features of "Symbolic Composer": · Context-Free Scoring Language allows composing music of any style and complexity

· Historical & Contemporary Music Functions supply the classic compositional power-tools

· Mathematical Generators & Processors provide fractals, chaos and number-theory utilities

· Symbolic Generators & Processors allow recursion, l-systems, fibonacci etc. sequences

· DNA/RNA Processors enable to turn genetic data into music

· Programmable Neurons supply added intelligence to instrumentation

· Programmable Phrase Library allows sequential drum and chording pattern generation

· Free Score Library provides templates to start with

· Build-in Hyper-Documentation helps using the system

· Standard MIDI file output enables to use any sequencer, hard disk editor, sound module, or software synthesizer for playback & final assembly

· Integrated Lisp Language allows to write own functions, documents and menus

· Modular Plug-in Expansion helps to distribute own developments to other users

· 300 Chords, Scales & Microtonals supply a complete coverage of tonalities used in our planet - and you are naturally free to discover your own

· Over 1000 Algorithms included, anyone can be connected to anyone in the processing net for maximum creative freedom