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Download WaveFunction Odyssey High School Chemistry v3.4.2


is a unique teaching program for introductory and general chemistry classes in high schools, colleges, and universities. Utilizing scientifically-based molecular simulations, ODYSSEY provides an interactive environment for learning and exploration.

ODYSSEY Instructor Edition

Cutting edge teaching software with ready-to use chemistry experiments and student assignable worksheets. Includes annotated molecular stockroom and an easy-to-use model kit for building almost any chemical system. The new must-have tool for any science teacher who is interested in visualizing chemistry at the molecular level.

The premier molecular modeling program for General

Chemistry - now even more powerful

Simulate Chemical Reactions: New functionality for making and breaking bonds

Evaluate Function: Use chemical intelligence to assess any user-built model

Build Solids: Easy-to-use builder for hundreds of solid structures

Generate Plots: More versatile and with new, easy-to-use wizard

Molecular Labs / Tutorials / Applied Chemistry: New format for the embedded content

Student Worksheets: 700 questions for interactive, visualization-driven learning

Visualize Shape and Reactivity: SPARTAN-electron densities for more than 200 molecules