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Download KIDASA Software Milestones Professional 2010 v2010.11.05

Milestones Simplicity

- an easy way of planning and project management. Users can use technology to "click-and-drag" to create schedules to perform format changes, the internet, etc. It has all the basic features for quickly creating schedules ready for presentation. In the name of the product entered a special meaning, since Milestones Simplicity provides a simple and easy way to create a schedule of project implementation. Distribution schedules may print, email, PowerPoint, Word and Web. even offered a free Viewer to open, view and print schedules, added a bookmark name to prompt any problem - you can now move on to line problem by selecting a bookmark name from the list of bookmarks. The selected line problem to which a transition will be highlighted. This is a very useful feature for large scheduling, because it allows the user to move quickly to schedule the right areas.

Features: * Create presentation project reports.

* Produce Presentation reports from Microsoft Project schedules.

* Choose from a variety of presentation ready Reports.

* Calculate and present Earned Value.

* Share schedules with save as PDF, copy to PowerPoint or free viewer.