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Download Sinatica Monitor for Firebird v2.2.5.1888

Optimizing a database without clear information

on where the real problem lies is a waste of time. Sinática Monitor for Firebird allows you to focus your optimization efforts on problems that will actually produce performance gains; and you save time.

Finding bottlenecks during database development is hard: * We don't always have real data to execute load tests, and even when we have such data, complex load simulation schemes are required

* A client simulator needs to achieve tens or hundreds of simultaneous attachments and be able to reproduce human usage patterns to correctly assess real-world performance

Sinática Monitor for Firebird lets you easily find bottlenecks -- even in production databases: * Slow Statement alarms are generated automatically by Sinática Monitor

* There is no need for complex debugging arrangements and no need to wonder what statements dragged your software to a crawling halt

* The alarm report displays complete SQL, transaction and attachment properties to help you identify where the problem lies