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Download Dassault Systemes 3DVIA Composer 6R2011x HF1 v6.7.1.1571

TEAM Lz0 | x86: 389MB | x64: 449MB

3DVIA Composer is a desktop application for revolutionizing the creation of product deliverables. Animations including kinematics and reverse-kinematics, as well as high-resolution raster images including BMP, JPG, PNG, and TIF files, can be created easily. Producing 2D line art as SVG and CGM files is quick and easy with 3DVIA Composer*s built-in technical illustration capabilities.

Product information stored in ENOVIA systems can be directly accessed using the power of ENOVIA 3DLive. 3DVIA Composer users can easily and visually navigate and filter the exact 3D product configuration stored in ENOVIA, and use it to create and update their 3DVIA Composer documentation projects.

3DVIA Composer allows users to control and manage access to their intellectual property in 3DVIA Composer-generated deliverables. With "Right Manager" settings, content creators can manage access control when playing content with 3DVIA Composer Player and can also use patented "Secure3D" technology to prevent copying or theft of the intellectual property.

Interactive content can also be directly published to 3DVIA.com where the users can experience the content on-line.

Release Date : 2010-12-29


Cracker : Team Lz0

Packer : Team Lz0

Supplier : Team Lz0

Language : English