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Download Sugar Bytes Thesys STANDALONE VSTi v1.5.0

Thesys is a powerful and intuitive MIDI step-sequencer plug-in, giving you control over just about all aspects of your favorite MIDI devices. You can use Eloquence to create varied and organic bass lines, screaming leads, pulsating chords, and organic pad sounds in the studio or on stage.

For live musicians, Eloquence provides a versatile palette of performance options which can be

triggered right from your MIDI keyboard: you can transpose, manipulate, twist up,

mutate, and mangle your patterns without even getting near your computer.

Sugar Bytes has updated Thesys and Consequence to version 1.5,

which includes the release of 64-bit and stand-alone versions.

A new MIDI-Drag 'n' Drop feature allows you to drag the pattern directly into a MIDI track or to your desktop.

That makes work a lot easier and invites to new experiments. In Consequence you can even create a

multitrack MIDI file, to trigger different sound generators with the individual Consequence instruments.

Thesys features a new Gate Time Multiplier and an enhanced modulation section. The Standalone turns

your computer into a step sequencing monster with lots of MIDI related features, Audio Recorder

and the "Check for Updates" function that will keep all your Sugar Bytes products fresh.

Thesys 1.5: * 64-Bit: Thesys is fully 64-bit compatible.

* MIDI Export: With the 1.5 update the long awaited MIDI export functionality is there. Just drag and

drop from within Thesys to your host or a generated MIDI file to your desktop. Quick and easy.

* Extra Length: Now you have a modifier for the gate length sequencer. This gives you the possibility

for longer notes. Also you can remote this parameter to easily change the overall gate length.

* Modulate It: Now each modulation track has an activity animation. You also have a global

On/Off control to turn off any modulation. Also each track has a new On/Off switch.

* MIDI Program Change: Now you can load Thesys presets via MIDI Program Change. Just put the presets you

want to load by MIDI into the MIDI Program folder and turn off the Program Change Filter in the about screen.

* Extended Playable Range: Click on the arrow over the pitch keys to swap to

the new keyboard layout. Now you have a +-24 semitone playable range.

* Standalone: Thesys now comes with a powerful standalone version.

Just play with Thesys and export the results as MIDI or audio file.