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Download Suite Spot Studios AATranslator Extended v4.0.0.2

TEAM AiR | 01/2011 | 7MB

AATranslator was originally developed to take advantage of one of the best wave editors available - Adobe Audition*. It's ability to remove background noise from film dialogue tracks or chair squeaks from orchestral recordings with an absolute minimum of sonic damage is almost certainly the best offered by any DAW. This combined with its multitrack capabilites makes it possible to work entirely in Audition which most Audition users do. However, there may commercial or practical reasons where it is necessary to move a session from one DAW to another. Unfortunately Audition currently has no real method of achieving this.

AATranslator began in early 2009 with AES31, Samplitude's EDL, native Reaper support, Steinberg Track Archives (XMLs) from Cubase SX3, v4 & v5 as well as Nuendo v2, v3 & v4, OpenTL and a function similar to Audition's old 'append session' feature. We then added Vegas EDL/TXT as well as ProTools v5 import facility (both Mac & PC PT5 files) and a Vegas XML import. Audition and Cool Edit Pro session files, Presonus Capture (xml) and the ability to import OMF2 was soon added. Apple XML (Final Cut Pro & the Logic Pro variant) and some support for Paris OMFs, tracktion and Ardour came next.




DATE ......: 01/2011