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Download FXPansion BFD Percussion Expansion Pack

FXPansion BFD Percussion Expansion Pack
The BFD Percussion expansion pack for BFD offers an extensive suite of detailed percussion instruments and Grooves to complement the drums in your BFD installation. Featuring everything from latin, world and drumkit-centric percussion to junk and kitchenware via all manner of outlandish strangeness, the sprawling diversity of BFD Percussion is inspirational. BFD Percussion literally contains the Kitchen Sink - in full BFD multi-sampled, multi-articulated form!

The instruments are recorded with up to 46 velocity layers, using multiple articulations and multiple mic channels including lush, stereo ambience. As always, carefully-selected high-end mics, preamps and converters were used for the sessions. The resulting sounds faithfully capture the musicality, expressive depth and dynamic scope of this eclectic percussion collection, and are perfect for use in a variety of musical styles and genres.

"In its richness of sound and expressive capability...BFD Percussion is head and shoulders above any percussion or drum module (hardware of software) I have heard."- Electronic Musician June 2007

• ** Expansion pack for BFD: 26.1 GB of vibrant percussion instruments with multiple mic positions and varied, expressive articulations
• ** MIDI Groove Library to feed your inspiration
• ** Latin and world percussion including African, Middle Eastern, South Asian and Irish folk instruments.
• ** Junk and household items like pots, pans, cups, saw blades and much more!
• ** A variety of bells, blocks, tambourines and chimes as well as effect sounds like waterphones, thundersheets and bowed gongs.

Compatipility: PC/MAC

homepage: www.fxpansion.com/index.php?page=42