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Download Planit Fusion v12

The days of expensive and restrictive kitchen design software are over.Now you can have a Windows-based system and Planit colourful,three-dimensional rendering.Whether designing simple or very complex rooms, you can do this better and faster with Planit. Within a few minutes you can produce a sample kitchen for your customer using coloured perspective pictures.
Planit rendering will stun the present day kitchen design markets.Choose between having full colour pictures in your catalogue, or photo realistic perspectives. You can present your design as a coloured printout or view it on your computer screen. Let your customer spend time in the kitchen looking at it from every angle.

Photo realistic perpectives are an exact representation of the products structure and colours, down to the smallest possible detail.They are like a photograph of your customers future kitchen, with its lights, shadows and reflections. Planits choice of views includes an elevationof the kitchen or a dimensioned plan suitable for installation.In this way your fitter receives the necessary instructions and measurements.

Planit pricing system instantaneously produces an exact quotation for your designs. If you use the appliance and sinks product and pricing information in our programs, your quotations will always be up-to-date.And that's not all! Planit AutoPlan function will automatically design a kitchen itself for your customer. Just enter the wall measurements, placement of windows, doors, sinks and appliances. Within 60 seconds AutoPlan will produce your customers kitchen design and calculate the quotation.