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Download Delphi 7 Lite

Delphi 7 Lite - a standard full-featured Delphi 7 Enterprise which includes all of what is official update, delete unnecessary files, by source. The installer does not copy any files in system directories.

Included VCL Fix Pack
Includes experts for a convenient work GExperts, CnWizards, DelforExp, UnitExpert.
Delphi 7 Lite is a standard Delphi 7 Enterprise, with some modifications:
• Added all the official updates, patches and other Bag-fix packs
• Support for all versions of Windows: Windows7, 2008 R2, Vista, XP, 2008, 2003, 2000, Me, 98, NT 4.0, support for UAC.
• All optional settings are thrown away, except for source
• Added font Consolas (recommended size 10px enabled CT)
• Change the colors in Delphi 2006
• Replaced the D7 RTL / VCL to D11 (Delphi 2007) RTL (FastMM and FastCode Core) (can be changed!).
• Unnecessary files were deleted
• You can import the ActiveX
• Support for MIDAS
• Support for CLX Design
• Support for IntraWeb 5.0
• Support RaveReport 5
• Installation will not copy files to the system directory
• Added VCL Fix Pack 1.4, add a module VCLFixPack.pas in your Delphi or C + + Builder project manually
• Added Midas Speed Fix 1.2, add a module MidasSpeedFix.pas in your Delphi or C + + Builder project manually.
• Includes the following modules extensions WIN32 API from delphi-jedi.org
• SHELL LITE - Microsoft Shell Lightweight Utility API, v.1.2
• SNMP - Microsoft headers for Simple Network Management Protocol definitions
• WINSOCK 2 - Winsock 2 API (Windows Sockets)
MySQL Driver for DBExpress, MySQL 3.22/4.0/4.1/5.0
• Portable version! You can copy the entire directory Delphi to another computer and run D7LiteReg ***. exe
• Dynamic compilation after installing the RTL / VCL and other components, thereby reducing the size of the installation files
• Install support files, command line provides additional opportunities.
Support for installation Delphi7 Recovery Menu> Registration & Misc, use the command line parameter /? and / help.
• [Optional] all components (other than the Standard and DB Components)
• [Optional] Project Templates (Objrepos)
• [Optional] IDE Design Packages (Known IDE Packages)
• [Optional] Delphi IDE and compiler command line (dcc32, brcc32, convert, Make, Tasm32)
• [Option] file source
• [Optional] Help Files
• [Optional] replacement D7 RTL to D11 (Delphi 2007) RTL (FastMM and FastCode Core).
• [Optional] install Want builder tool instead of Make
• [Optional] install FastMM 4.84 IDE Optimize-Compiled DLL
• [Optional] install expert GExperts 1.33
• [Optional] install expert DelforExp 2.5
• [Optional] install expert UnitExpert
• [Optional] install IDE plug DelphiSpeedUp 2.8
• [Optional] install IDE plug DDevExtensions 1.61
• [Optional] install tweaker DelphiDistiller 1.85, allows you to identify packages that are loaded at startup
• [Optional] install spyware Microsoft Spy + + v7.1. Spy4Win (Spy for Window) v0.20b.
• [Optional] install DLL / EXE analyzer Dependency Walker 2.2
• [Optional] install DLL list showing all the exported functions of DLL Export Viewer v1.36
• [Optional] install built-in editor Delphi Image Editor (imagedit.exe)
• [Optional] install built-in editor Delphi Windows and Message Viewer (WinSight) (WS32.EXE)
• [Optional] install built-in editor Delphi Web App Debugger (webappdbg.exe)
• [Optional] install BDE (Borland Database Engine 5.2) and tools BDE Administrator, SQL Explorer, Database Desktop, SQL Monitor, Data Pump, and so on ...
• [Optional] BDE Data Samples (Aliais is DBDEMOS)
It is recommended to install the "Help Windows" (WinHlp32.exe)
OS: Windows7, 2008 R2, Vista, XP, 2008, 2003, 2000, Me, 98, NT 4.0
Processor: Intel Pentium 233 MHz or higher
RAM: 64 MB (128 MB)
Space on the hard drive: 110-400 MB
Language: English