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Download Altova MissionKit v2010r3 Software Architects Enterprise Edition

Altova MissionKit - this omnibus set of advanced XML tools and is an indispensable helper for the XML-developer. Previously, the product was manufactured under the name of Altova XML Suite. Along with the new name of the program has acquired new properties and characteristics and is implemented in four kinds of versions.

At the moment it is about the version of Altova MissionKit for Enterprise Software Architects, which includes 8 tools as:
• XMLSpy Enterprise Edition
Famous XML-editor in XMLSpy version 2010 was one of the most popular and long-awaited features - support for language WSDL (Web Services Description Language - a language for describing Web services) 2.0. Now, XMLSpy can even convert files from format descriptions WSDL 1.1 in WSDL 2.0 and vice versa. XMLSpy 2010 also contains a wizard to create taxonomies XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language - an extensible language for describing business reports) in a graphics editor XBRL Taxonomy Editor. To the long list of supported standards and language pack XMLSpy 2010 has added enhanced support for standard JSON (javascript Object Notation - Object Notation for javascript). Unlike other XML-editor, XMLSpy 2010 supports JSON, and XML, so developers do not need to switch between different products to create Web applications and Web services technology-based AJAX and XML.
New in XMLSpy 2010 Release 3:
• The ability to verify and coding agreements (Extended Validating schema) Enterprise Edition
• User-defined sample of values for events genenratsii XML (Enterprise Edition, Professional Edition)
• Support for Visual Studio 2010 (Enterprise Edition, Professional Edition)
• MapForce Enterprise Edition
Package MapForce 2010, serving to bind the data, now allows you to handle data from multiple sources and send the results of several appointments. For a dynamic binding is supported by work with the names of input and output files, as with the parameters. Extended support standard EDI (Electronic Data Interchange - Electronic Data Interchange) now provides validation of files and work with three additional reports EDIFACT. Also, MapForce 2010 supports the standard WSDL 2.0 and allows attribute *xsi: type* in XML-documents.
New in MapForce 2010 Release 3:
• Support in MSXML6 C + + (Enterprise Edition, Professional Edition)
• Create 64-bit code in C + + (Enterprise Edition, Professional Edition)
• Support for xsi: nil in XML schema (Enterprise Edition, Professional Edition, Standard Edition)
• Support for the location of field names (headers) in Excel 2007 + (Enterprise Edition)
• The ability to retain formatting values in the output XML (Enterprise Edition, Professional Edition, Standard Edition)
• Support for SAP IDoc (Enterprise Edition)
• Support for Visual Studio 2010 (Enterprise Edition, Professional Edition)
• StyleVision Enterprise Edition
Package StyleVision 2010 - visual style tables - offers users a new paradigm for the creation of templates within the container output and discharge circuits, which need to build design. New means of absolute positioning can pinpoint the coordinates of each element on the page. It also supports rendering code "as is", without prior conversion to third-party applications.
New in StyleVision 2010 Release 3:
• Support for iXBRL (Enterprise Edition)
• Global templates for each element (Enterprise Edition, Professional Edition, Standard Edition)
• Support for Visual Studio 2010 (Enterprise Edition, Professional Edition)
• UModel Enterprise Edition
Package UModel 2010 for creating and editing flowcharts now supports system modeling language SysML (Systems Modeling Language). Language SysML isplzuet seven types of diagrams in the specification of UML and two more types of charts - charts the requirements and parametric diagrams. Support for all types of charts from the standard SysML 1.1 allows you to generate code in Java, C # and Visual Basic. UModel 2010 also offers the first generation of performance charts in the rever-engineering of application code in Java, C # and Visual Basic.
New in UModel 2010 Release 3:
• Integration with Visual Studio 2010 (Enterprise Edition)
• Support for versions of C # 4.0 (Enterprise Edition, Professional Edition)
• Support for Diagram protocol state machine (Enterprise Edition, Professional Edition)
• Additional option for the production sequence diagrams from existing code (Enterprise Edition, Professional Edition)
• New style avtoraspolozheniya chart (Enterprise Edition, Professional Edition)
• Support save very large numbers of files as PNG (Enterprise Edition, Professional Edition)
• DatabaseSpy
Package DatabaseSpy 2010 includes a unique feature to compare the database schema - you can compare the same type and substantially different database (supports all popular relational databases). Differences in the database schema are displayed in graphical form, and users can generate a script to merge changes in either direction. The package also DatabaseSpy 2010 may convert the structure of the database from one format to another, for example, to migrate from platform MySQL to Oracle or SQL Server. Another new feature helps to calculate the combined figures for selected results (number, total, average, subtotal, etc.) and display the results of calculations in the table.
New in DatabaseSpy 2010 Release 3:
Inserting and * obtaining external files from binary database fields
• DiffDog Enterprise Edition
The package DiffDog 2010, new tools for comparing and merging XML-documents and content databases. Thus, the package DiffDog 2010 allows you to compare and merge XML-schema as they change, and then generate XSLT style file to update the respective copies of XML-documents under the new scheme. In addition, you can generate bindings file for the package Altova MapForce, to conduct additional analysis of transformations between schemes. Package DiffDog 2010 now offers virtually all the same functions for comparing and merging schema that the above-described package DatabaseSpy 2010.
New in DiffDog 2010 Release 3:
• Improvements in the functionality of a subsidiary of the order during the XML-aware comparison (Enterprise Edition, Professional Edition)
Full list of all the features introduced in the products of a series of Altova MissionKit 2010 Release 3 (v2010r3), can be found on the official site _http: / / www.altova.com / whatsnew.html