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Download Vienna Symphonic Library Performance Set DVD-R Vol 5 EXS24 DELiRiUM

Why wait for the future of sampling, when you can get it now? The Performance Set represents sampling’s next phase from fixed, inflexible recordings to pure fluid expression. When combined with Vienna’s included MIDI Tools, you’ll get the realism of a live performance with the flexibility of multisamples. You simply won’t believe your ears!
Play real legato in real-time with multiple dynamics. Perform runs and repeated notes with absolute authenticity and change tempos easily. Achieve a realism that was unthinkable until now with creative capabilities that far surpass the limitations of conventional orchestral sample libraries.

Why the Performance Set?

Using their academic musical training and experience, founder Herb Tucmandl and his team of producers analyzed and deconstructed the orchestral performance into a myriad of atomic particles, if you will, while planning the production of the library. They realized early on that recreating an authentic orchestral performance not only required flawless multisamples, but also unhindered access to hundreds of articulated nuances, the subtle bits that are the earmarks of human expression. While great multisamples can be very convincing, these Performance Elements add the final touch of realism to achieve an authenticity unheard of until now.