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Download PROMT Software Collection

PROMT - a business solution with maximum opportunities for quality control of translation. PROMT Professional allows you to quickly and accurately translate the document, website or message, and create and consolidate corporate database of translated texts, which is convenient when working with models such as treaties or regulations.
Consisting of the following software:
• PROMT Professional 9.0 Giant + dictionary collection 9.0 (2010/Rus/Eng)
• PROMT Freelance 9.0.410 - Added - 29.07.2010

PROMT Professional 9.0 Giant + dictionary collection 9.0 (2010/Rus/Eng)

Name of Program: PROMT Professional 9.0 Giant & Collection of dictionaries Giant
Program Version: 9.0
Year: 2010
Developer: PROMT Software
Language: Russian / English
Treatment: Complete
Size: 470.21 Mb

PROMT Professional 9.0 business solution with the maximum opportunities for quality control of translation. PROMT Professional allows you to quickly and accurately translate the document, website or message, and create and consolidate corporate database of translated texts, which is convenient when working with models such as treaties or regulations.

We recommend PROMT Professional 9.0 for translation:
• Documents in applications Microsoft Office 2000-2007 (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint) and Adobe (Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Professional)
• Web-resources in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
• Messages in ICQ, Skype, QIP, MSN Messenger
• Texts that contain specialized or vocabulary and terminology

Additional Information:
Additional system requirements for external applications that are integrated functions of translation (or from which integration):
• PROMT for Internet Explorer 5.x-8
• PROMT for Mozilla Firefox 1.5/3.5
• PROMT for Adobe Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat Pro Version 6.x / 9
• PROMT for Messenger ICQ 2003b, ICQ Lite, ICQ6; QIP Infium RC3 (9017); Windows Live Messenger version 8; Skype version 3 / 4;

The procedure for treatment:
Start PROMT 9 -> "Register" -> Enter any licensed product number and click "Register"
Click "Activate", select Manual mode of activation, enter any activation code and click "Finish"

System requirements:
• IBM PC-compatible computer with Pentium 500 MHz or higher;
• 64 MB of RAM;
• Monitor and video card SVGA or better resolution;
• The CD-ROM CD-ROM (for installation);
• "Mouse" or compatible device;
Operating system:
• Microsoft Windows 7
• Microsoft Windows Vista
• Microsoft Windows XP Professional with SP2 or higher
• Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack SP4
• Availability. NET Framework 3.0 (installed with the product).

PROMT Freelance 9.0.410

PROMT Freelance 9.0 - a tool to automate the translation of texts intended for translators who work outside the office.


Linguistic Editor Translator PROMT *- base PROMT Freelance 9.0, you can do a translation of any complexity. Due to updating algorithms and a substantial expansion of dictionaries (they added more than 300,000 new words) Translation quality can be obtained already at work with a basic set of system settings. To control the quality of the translation of specialized texts PROMT Freelance 9.0 has a broader set. The user can independently manage the resources needed to set the translation: choosing topics, dictionaries, and connect the base of Translation Memory, comprising subjects main dictionary PROMT Freelance 9.0 and Dictionary Collections PROMT. Created a complex system settings, ensuring that a user quality of translation, can be saved as a new theme, in addition to those already laid down in the system PROMT Freelance 9.0.

Translation of documents into Microsoft Office 2000-2007 applications, and Adobe. PROMT Freelance 9.0 supports translation feature popular office applications: Microsoft Office 2000-2007 (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint), Adobe (Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat Pro), open-source application OpenOffice.org Writer.

Working with the terms and specialized vocabulary. PROMT Freelance 9.0 has ample opportunities to work with technical and specialized texts. The accuracy of the translation of terminology is provided by a broader set of systems to work with user-selected topics:
• Use their own dictionaries of
• Connect additional dictionaries - created by the user or members of the Dictionary Collections PROMT
• Creation and Translation Memory database connection for the transfer of model documents and terms in accordance with corporate standards
• Automated extraction and translation of terms by using the "Manager terminology LITE*

Transfer of messages in ICQ, Skype, QIP, MSN Messenger. Ease to communicate with new friends, living on the other half of the globe, can not be constantly looking in the dictionary. For communication to be the most lively, PROMT Freelance 9.0 can be integrated into popular software programs to exchange messages. The program in seconds a message will translate from foreign languages into Russian or vice versa. You can configure different ways to display the translation - in a new window or in a window of the dialogue. Note: this feature is now available in 4 most popular messengers (ICQ, Skype, QIP, MSN Messenger), and not only in ICQ, as before.

Translation of web sites in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox. Want to read foreign news in their own translation? Most are looking for texts of world music hits? Trying to guess what is now discussing at the forum of foreign fans favorite sports club? Note the shopping abroad? PROMT Freelance 9.0 will help whenever necessary, to foreign websites "spoke" in Russian. Translation feature embedded in popular browsers Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox. One click - and the site is fully translated into Russian to preserve the formatting and links.
Translation of PDF-documents. New functionality added to PROMT Freelance 9.0 for the convenience of users, often working with PDF-documents. Now for the translation of this document does not need to copy the text into a text editor (eg, Word): if you have installed on your computer PROMT, the interface software Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat Professional, a special plug-in (access to it is from the subsection of the main Plug-Ins menu of programs Adobe). On the toolbar, "PROMT Translator" there are three buttons:
"The direction of translation. Allows you to select the possible directions of translation.
"Subjects". Allows you to manage the quality of translation, using thematic dictionaries in the program PROMT.
"Translate the selected text. When you click it pops up a dialog box with the translation of the selected text. If you click on the button without selecting text, a message appears: "No text selected for translation. Highlight the text in the document and resubmit the command. " Translate selected text is also available with the new "hot keys* Shift + T (not supported in Adobe Acrobat version 6.0).

User section My PROMT. Personal Area for access to user resources and services PROMT Freelance 9.0 is available after activating your installed software PROMT. In this section, you can:
• Access to additional training materials to work with the program PROMT Freelance 9.0
• Receive information about updates programs PROMT Freelance 9.0 and dictionaries PROMT
• Participate in surveys and studies are important for the further development of programs PROMT
• Contact Customer Support for assistance with your installed program.

My PROMT - the very "young" element systems PROMT, but we are confident that he has a great future. Plans to further develop this service and the entire family of programs PROMT you can also learn to My PROMT (see "New systems PROMT).
Key benefits:
PROMT for Translation Memory. Allows you to standardize and simplify the transfer of large