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Download Dassault Systemes 3DVIA Composer V6R2010x HF2.

By reusing digital product definition data including 3D design data and bills-of-material information, 3DVIA Composer revolutionizes the product documentation process for enterprises of all sizes. With its easy-to-use, desktop content-creation system, 3DVIA Composer effectively automates processes that are crucial for success in the marketplace. Before 3DVIA Composer, the deliverable production process was a costly, error-prone process which had to be repeated, usually from the start, for any product change. Now, by using 3DVIA Composer, enterprises can quickly and easily automate their deliverable production processes while reducing costs and improving quality. 3DVIA Composer allows production of product documentation to be concurrent with the design of the product.

With the V6R2010x release, 3DVIA Composer offers enhancements in several key areas: Lifelike Experience

Enhanced technical illustration capabilities

Enhanced and simplified user experience

Support for CATIA FT&A cross-highlighting

Online Creation and Collaboration

Direct publishing to 3DVIA.com

Lower Cost of Ownership

Interoperability plug-in