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Download Ready for PET coursebook

Ready for PET coursebook with key + CD-ROM

Ready for PET is a motivating short course for all students preparing to take the Cambridge Preliminary English Test. With its clear and thorough approach to all the tasks found in the exam,

Ready for PET will help students develop the confidence and skills required to be successful in this test. Ideal for students of all ages, Ready for PET consolidates students knowledge of language relevant to the exam and their ability to use it communicatively. It can be used with a general language course or on its own for intensive exam preparation.

The accompanying CD-ROM has 6 practice tests to help students prepare for CBPET. Sample answers for the writing tasks are included as well as the complete listening script.


* Contains 10 topic-based units, two complete practice tests, a sample speaking test and Get Ready for PET tip boxes

* Helps students to develop the confidence and all the skills needed to pass the exam

* Ideal for students of all ages

* The With Key edition provides a full answer key, tapescripts and sample answers for the writing tasks.

* Includes new CD-ROM containing 6 extra practice tests, in the style of the new computer-based PET exam

* Ideal for use in class and at home