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Download Adobe Photoshop Crazy Pack

Adobe Photoshop Crazy Pack - a huge package for all fans of the most advanced image-editing package Photoshop.V You'll find the latest version of the program, the fonts, the best brushes, books, training video, a massive amount of plugins and effects, plus additional software podderzhivayushee Photoshop.Paket will be useful both novice and advanced users as read as the best in one place!
Contents Photoshop Crazy Pack:

1.Adobe Photoshop CS4, CS5
Software Adobe Photoshop - the industry standard for graphic designers - contains the latest tools for image processing, compositing and painting, as well as tools that help build and refine 3D-graphics and animated content.

2.Kisti (Brush)
Huge trusses of the eminent manufacturers add to your Projects freshness, creativity and completeness.

3.Shrifty (Fonts)
Large selection of fonts for all occasions (you can use in other software products).
Quickly and without much effort to create one or other effects, to achieve the desired result will teach video tutorial with great examples and Number anotatsiy.Budut useful for both novice and advanced users.
Descriptions, examples, illustrations from proffesionalov design and graphics.
6.Plaginy, effects, additional software


AKVF eSuite2.0
AKVIS Chameleon 4.4
AKVIS Coloriage 4.5
AKVIS Frame Suite 2.0
AKVIS Retoucher 2.9
AKVIS sketch 5.5
AKVIS Stamp 3.0
lg163 Decorator
lg166 LightShop

Alien Skin
• Alien Skin Blow Up 1.0.2
• Alien Skin Exposure 1.0
• Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Nature Final
• Alien Skin Eye Candy Impact 5.1
• Alien Skin Eye Candy Nature 5.1
• Alien Skin Eye Candy Textures 5.1kollektsiya of 10 effects to work with textures.
• Alien Skin Image Doctor 1.1.0 packet filters for PhotoShop, FireWorks, PaintShop Pro allows you to improve the quality of photos and eliminate some defects
• Alien Skin Snap Art 1.0
• Alien Skin Splat v1.0
• Alien Skin Software Xenofex v2.0.2 popular packet filters for PhotoShop, Paint, and other programs.

Andromeda Complete version with examples and descriptions.
• Andromeda LensDoc v1.31
• Andromeda Perspective Filter v1.11
• Andromeda RedEyePro Filter v1.1
• Andromeda ScatterLight Lenses v1.1
• Andromeda VariFocus Filter v1.11

Asiva Sharpen and Soften v2.0 filter to control the sharpness.
Aurora v1.15 filter for realistic images of natural phenomena

• AutoFX AutoEye v2.05 improving the quality of digital photos.
• AutoFX DreamSuite Series Bundle v1.18
• AutoFX DreamSuite Series One v1.18
• AutoFX DreamSuite Series Two v1.18
• AutoFX DreamSuite Gel Series v1.18
• AutoFX Mystical Lighting v1.0 12 filters to control the lighting and shadows. More than 400 different effects.

• Digital Anarchy Backdrop Designer Full v1.0 create a background in the photographs.
• Digital Filmtools Light! v2.0 filters for lighting control
• Digital Filmtools Ozone v2.0 filters for color management

Kodak - packet filters to improve picture quality, eliminating defects and noise and optimization of illumination.
1. Digital GEM Airbrush PRO v1.0
2. Digital GEM PRO v1.0
3. Digital GEM v1.1.3
4. Digital ROC Pro v1.0.1
5. Digital ROC v1.1.3
6. Digital SHO Pro v1.0.1
7. Digital SHO v1.1.3

Filter Forge v1.009
Filters Unlimited

FixerLabs 4 filter for correction
• FocusFixer v1.3.5 for Photoshop
• NoiseFixer v1.17 for Photoshop
• ShadowFixer v1.1.7 for Photoshop
• TrueBlur v1.0.6 for Photoshop

Flaming Pear, new effects and filters
Flaming Pear Creative Pack v1.1 inc: Organic Edges, Boss Emboss, Vibrant Patterns, Wavy Color
Flaming Pear Designer Sextet v1.4 inc: Aetherize, Twist, Swerve, Lacquer, Silver, Glare
Flaming Pear Webmaster Series v1.04 inc: Browser Preview, Web Posterize, Web Scrubber

Flaming Pear Flexify v1.96
Flaming Pear Flood v1.1
Flaming Pear Glitterato v1.1
Flaming Pear Hue and Cry v1.1
Flaming Pear India Ink v1.92
Flaming Pear LunarCell v1.5
Flaming Pear Melancholytron v1.1
Flaming Pear Mr. Contrast v1.1
Flaming Pear PolyMerge v.1.0
Flaming Pear SolarCell v1.5
Flaming Pear Tesselation v1.3

FocalBlade v1.03 control sharpness and the creation of special. effects.
Harrys Filters

HumanSoftware includes:
AutoCorrect v1.52
AutoFocus v1.01
AutoSelect v1.0 automatic color correction and adjustment of field
MagicTrack v1.5 250 effects for Photoshop
PhotoFixLens v1.4 work with lenses.
Squizz v4.4 Effects of deformation of the image.
Textissimo v3.21 750 effects for text.

Jasc Virtual Painter v4.0 package of filters for transforming photos into a drawing or painting of various styles.
Kai Power Tools

Lokas Artistic Effects 1.8 Just funky naborchik plugins to Photoshop, with which you can make the text or some form of the object glass, metal, chrome, ice, etc. There are many ready-made presets, you only need to choose
necessary. A pleasant and very friendly interface plugins themselves, do not make you long to understand what was happening.
Supports complexion with all versions: Windows
Works with products:
• Adobe Photoshop 6/7/8
• Corel PhotoPaint 9/10/11
• Jasc PaintShopPro 7 / 8
• Macromedia Fireworks MX

Lokas Artistic Effects v1.8 Artistic Effects
Crude Metal

MatchLight v3.0 PRO Powerful package for color calibration in PhotoShop7/CS.
PhotoTune SkinTune v1.01 correction of color in portraits
Picture Man Collection
Power Retouche Pro 8.0
Ravnheart Heavenly Hair v3.0 package Photoshop Brush Set for images of hair.
Red Prince redfield plugins
Reindeergraphics Fovea Pro v3.0 analysis and processing of graphic design, science, statistics.
Sketcher v1.0 converts a photo into a sketch
Thredgeholder Pro v1.0 for edge images
Ultimatte Advantedge v1.6.1 for Multiple Hosts package of professional special effects for Photoshop, Premiere and other programs for processing video and graphics.
Year: 2010
Developer: Other
Platform: XP (sp3) / Vista / Seven
Language: Russian / English
Medicine: prevalence of