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Download Mathworks Matlab R2010a


-Adobe-Adobe Reader 8 for Windows XP.


-AFUDOS.txt-Information on how to use the AMI FLASH DOS Utility.

-AFUDOS.exe-Flash BIOS tool V2.38 under DOS.

-AntiVirus-Norton Internet Security 2009 for Windows XP.

-ASUSPowerManage-ASUS Power Management Utility V1.03 for Windows XP.

-ASUSUpdt-ASUS Update V1.01.09 Install Program for Windows XP.

-OSCleaner-ASUS OS Cleaner V1.0.0001 for Windows XP.

-U1-AiGuru U1 Utility Quick Installment V1.2-5P for Windows XP.

MD5: 2ee7bb6080ece8284a23f65c22508d06 * ASUS Eee PC900.mdf

5d56d0345ccbe84f164c4c142dc46b88 * ASUS Eee PC900.mds

System requirements: NetBook Asus Eee PC900