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Download Garmin TOPO Finland v2 Version MapSource

Garmin TOPO Finland v2 Version MapSource | 1.36GB

Garmin TOPO Finland v.2 provides the most accurate data Finnish topografii.Predlagaetsya 5 different layers (topographic, cadastral, routed Amplifier, coastal charts and diagrams of the internal lakes) on a single card.

Version: v.2

Developer: Garmin

Platform: MapSource

System requirements: GarminXT, Nuvi, BlueChart, Oregon, Colorado, etc.

Language: English only

Medicine: Not required

Suomi Pro, TOPO Finland v.2 offers built-in data demodulator, which support 3-D shading of the landscape and profiles of elevation of the route to help assess variety of landscape. Roads are routed in metropolitan and rural areas, combined with extensive data set of interesting places, help you easily find its destination.

All regions are on one card with a FID 1168.

Map of 23/10/2008

Mapset: Suomi Pro 1-6

PID 1, FID 1168

Extras. Information: * Provides topographic maps from the National Geographical Survey of Finland, including cadastral boundaries in order to hunt, 5-meter contours of the landscape, the area country, mines, swamps, and more.

* Provides hiking routes and destination of the Finnish Forest Administration, including summer and winter, walking tracks, book your cabin, cooking shelters and more.

* Provides coastal chart of the Finnish Maritime Administration, including water area, buoys, small craft routes and more.

* Provides internal diagram of the waterway from the ministry of Environment Finland, including water area, water lines, and depth contours.

* Includes the metropolitan and rural roads and an extensive data set of interesting places.

* Provides built-in digital elevation models (demodulator) data, which provide 3-D terrain shading and elevation of the route is to help assess the variety of the landscape.

* Includes pre-loaded software MapSource *, which allows you to plan trips on your computer and transfer routes and waypoints with Your PC to your compatible device. Not all of these capabilities are available on the Nuvi series devices and PDAs with GarminXT