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Download FileMaker Server Advanced 11.0.1

FileMaker Server 11 Advanced includes all the features in FileMaker Server 11 plus more sharing and connectivity options. Add FileMaker Server 11 Advanced to FileMaker Pro and maximize your database sharing capabilities.

Setup & Administration : Install FileMaker Server 11 in just 20 minutes or less. Manage your databases remotely and automate administrative tasks.

Reliability & Availability : Get anytime access to your data with 24/7 availability. Protect your data with scheduled live back-ups.

Security : Manage user access through external authentication via Active Directory/Open Directory. Use SSL encryption for secure data transfer.

Web Publishing : Create custom, data-driven websites using PHP or XML/XSLT. Use the PHP Site Assistant for step-by-step help in creating PHP websites.

Sharing : NEW FileMaker Server 11 Advanced does not limit the number of FileMaker Pro clients. Connections are limited only by your hardware and operating system.

Administrator Groups : NEW Create Administrator Groups and assign specific server access privileges while retaining exclusive control of your databases.

Release Info

supplier.....: TEAM HOT

release date.: 04/26/2010

type.........: MAC

format.......: DMG

files........: 1CD

I n s t a l l I n f o

Unzip and unrar release

install it.

Use Serial.