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Download Gamebryo LightSpeed

Gamebryo LightSpeed is the newest leap forward in game development

technology delivering the only professional technology for

start-to-finish multi-genre/multi-platform game development. The

Gamebryo LightSpeed game development system enables rapid prototyping,

rapid iteration and real-time updates, simplifying game development

through a data driven framework that opens doors to exciting gameplay


Gamebryo LightSpeed (LightSpeed) is built on top of Gamebryo, the

multiplatform engine and foundational technology with more than 300 game

productions worldwide across every genre. LightSpeed adds a game

framework, scripting system, tools, and extensible infrastructure.

LightSpeed provides a pipeline and runtime solution that allows

programmers, artists, and designers to quickly stand up content; then

rapidly and continuously iterate on game design, level design, gameplay

mechanics, core logic, and game assets; transition to full production;

and ship. LightSpeed’s functionality is designed to support two

principal objectives of today’s game developers: * Rapid iteration-change the art, entities, levels, and behaviors and

see the effect in your game without recompiling or restarting. This

minimizes the need for game restarts and reduces development delays.

* Rapid prototyping and production-quickly move game content into a

playable form, enabling you to evaluate technology and gameplay

mechanics and assess the look and feel of levels and assets, and build

on that work throughout the production cycle.

Aimed to empower innovation, LightSpeed gives developers the tools to

quickly realize ideas and be free to iterate throughout the development

process. From first construction through final polish, you can iterate

faster and get your playable design into your team’s and publishers’

hands faster.