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Download Additional Language Packages for Adobe Photoshop CS50nkrus

It's no secret that the program Adobe Photoshop CS5 supports changing the language interface. But that's not always in the installation package are exactly the languages of the interface that are needed for you!
But even if they are in the distribution, then in order to install two language interface, which could then be switched (for example, you prefer to work with Russian version, but you have to deal with the training course, written for the English) have Double-install the overlay one another localization. This is extremely inconvenient.

We offer you a compact and easy to use installer, with the help of which you can easily install additional interface languages and localized local help files in PDF format for Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Language packs that can be installed with this installer:
• American English (en_US);
• German (de_DE);
• French (fr_FR);
• Spanish (es_ES);
• Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR);
• Italian (it_IT);
• Russian (ru_RU);
• Ukrainian (uk_UA).

The installer is not tied to any particular set of Adobe CS5. With it, with the same ease you can add additional languages for Photoshop CS5, established as a personal distribution Photoshop, and with the Design Premium or Master Collection any language set.

From the author:
That's all we can say ... I can only add that although interface installer English, it is intuitive and automated.

Release issued: 2,010
Platform: Adobe Photoshop CS5 32 - and 64-bit versions.
Language: English