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Download Megatech MegaCAD 3D v2010

Especially in medium-sized companies with a wide range of diverse applications, the designer needs a practical and flexible design software, which is clear and easy to use. In MegaCAD the advantages of the parametric history-based modeling with the user-friendliness of the history-direct Modellieransatzes be combined. The designer is completely free in its operation. He is not forced to define parametric drawing objects to. He determines whether to feature-based 3D models directly, or want to model-based parametric 2D sketches.

May be short notice to respond to changing boundary conditions, without making parametric dependencies, the user thwart the bill.

This practical design approach accelerates workflow. The designers are freed from the straitjacket of parametric strictly defined structure and can react quite flexibly and quickly to different requirements.

Just as manufacturing companies in 3D and 2D CAD systems need, they also need parametric, history-based modeling and direct approaches. The designers should not be able to use either / or have to make decisions, but all modeling approaches within a single digital model.

Overview of functions

The 4-dimensional freedom

Direct model, either parametric modeling (even partially or in later sections meaningful parameterizable), feature-based modeling, modeling skizzenbasiertes.

2D and 3D program: Fully-fledged stand-alone 2D drawing tool to design, 2D drawings are converted into 3D models and visualized, consistent operating philosophy (the 3D mode builds on the familiar 2D functions), area and volume (Hybrid) Modeler.

Direct 3D

Rule body directly, i.e. generated without a 2D sketch and modify a mouse click, including holes and curves can be changed without detours through menus.

Leads: associative 2D views follow every change in the 3D geometry, more views will be charged directly in the 2D drawing.

Featuretree: The tree structure allows you to jump in the construction history to intervene at any point, the graphic design manager shows the emergence of the model in fast motion.