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Download AutoRoute 2010

AutoRoute 2010 (x86 and x64) - DVD - English

Size: 1.81 GB

Microsoft AutoRoute brings powerful and easy-to-use mapping features to your desktop.With address-to-address routing and street-level maps, getting to where you want to go is easier than ever. You can find addresses, landmarks, businesses, and even specific latitude and longitude coordinates.

Use these features to plan your trip or find your way: - Route planning to plan and get directions for trips with many stops

- Nearby places to get information about stops along the way and find hotels, restaurants, and attractions nearby

- Navigation to provide written and spoken driving instructions

- Bing search and mapping services

- Online content to get detailed, local, and up-to-date information about points of interest

- Send-to-Mobile to send addresses, phone numbers, and other information to a mobile device, such as your phone

System Requiem: - Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7

- Intel Pentium processor or compatible

- 512 MB RAM

- 2 GB free hard disk space