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Download X Men Evolution Win 7

Welcome mates. here is another nice release from ME.I have worked much on the system file ptimization and also some tweaks. Other than these the works of many artisits have been added.I named this edition as X-Men Evolution - 2010. Concentrated much on the graphic and normal usage.The system requirements are nominal and is stable version.

I have tweaked windows media player for it playing and also to open the files fast and easy.

Tweaked the internet explorer for fast browsing and also for downloading.

System Files tweaked for the stable performance.


- Adobe Reader

- Aero CMD

- CCleaner

- Adobe flash plugin

- Hash check installer

- Show hidden files

- Klite mega codec pak

- Nero 10

- Notepad ++

- RocketDock

- Shockwave full

- Ultra ISO

- VLC Player

- Firefox

- Yahoo messenger 10

- Winamp 5.58

Needs Graphic accelerator for aero and also perfect vid performance.

It's been seen and heard that many of my releases ve been stolen from


and other ppls. Well I take all the pain and time to build these stuffs and they are stealing. Well its upto u ppl to credit the ones work.Wherever You release or share just use the name Prince NRVL as author under Neo Reconia Sys - 2010