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Download MikroPascal PRO for AVR 2010.3.5

mikroPascal PRO for AVR

is a full-featured PASCAL compiler for AVR microcontrollers from Atmel. It is designed for developing, building and debugging AVR-based embedded applications. This development environment has a wide range of features such as: easy-to-use IDE, very compact and efficient code, many hardware and software libraries, comprehensive documentation, software simulator, COFF file generation and many more. Numerous ready-to-use examples will give you a good start for your embedded projects.

MikroPascal to quickly develop and implement complex applications: - Text is entered using the built-in editor source code (using the code and parameters, the content-backlit avtokorretsiey, code templates, etc ...).

- Use the attached libraries MikroPascal significantly increases the speed of development. It supports most microcontrollers Atmel AVR.

- Explore the code (Code Explorer) allows rapid control of the program structure, variables and functions of the project.

- After treatment are otkommentirovanny and readable file on the assembly and standard HEX file suitable for use by all programmers.

- Built-in debugger to check the progress and the logic of the program execution.

- After compiling the statistics of the total memory, an assembler listing, the tree function calls, etc. ...

- Provided a sufficient number of examples that can be expanded and used as components of development projects. If necessary, you can copy them to the whole, to ensure they are included in the compiler.

Currently MikroPascal PRO for AVR 2010 includes the following libraries and examples: - ADC Library;

- CANSPI library;

- Compact Flash Library;

- EEPROM Library;

- Flash memory library;

- Graphic LCD Library;

- Keyboard Library;

- LCD Library;

- Manchester Code Library;

- Multi Media Card Library;

- OneWire library;

- Port Expander Library;

- PS / 2 Library;

- PWM library;

- PWM 16-bit library;

- RS-485 library;

- I2C Library;

- SPI Library;

- Software UART Library;

- Sound Library;

- SPI Library;

- SPI Ethernet Library;

- SPI Graphic LCD Library;

- SPI LCD Library;

- SPI LCD8 library;

- SPI T6963C Graphic LCD Library;

- T6963C Graphic LCD Library;

- TWI library;

- UART Library;

- USB library.