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Download Oxford Advanced Learner s Dictionary 8 for Lingvo

One of the best dictionaries for English language learners.

The basis of characteristics: * Each word is voiced by British and American speakers (more than 117,000 audio files).

* For each word is given a phonetic transcription. Described the British and American pronunciation.

* For each word given all the grammatical forms.

* For many, the words are detailed article thesaurus.

* To the dictionary included a large number of examples (example bank).

* To illustrate the complex concepts are presented.

* The specified partition of words into syllables and accent Compound words and phrases.

* The information about the origins of words.

Installation instructions: This program contains a compiled version of the dictionary (in the folder lsd) and the source dictionary with pictures and audio pronunciation files (in a folder dsl).

Install the compiled version. Compiled version can be connected to a version of Lingvo x3 and older. In Lingvo select "Tools" -> "Add a dictionary from a file" and specify the file "En-En_Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary.lsd" from the directory lsd.

To correctly display the phonetic transcription and some characters in entries must be in the parameters Lingvo install Unicode font (such as Arial Unicode MS) for text cards.

Installing from source. Unpack the archive "En-En-Oald8.08-2010.dsl.rar" (text source vocabulary), "En-En-Oald8.images.rar" (image), "En-En-Oald8.pronuk.rar" (British voice), "En-En-Oald8.pronus.rar" in a directory. Run "ABBYY DSL Compiler", which is part of Lingvo, specify a file "En-En_Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary.dsl" in the selected directory and set the compile options: The encoding of the source text: Unicod

Automatically add markup to your search: yes

Next, see "Installing the compiled version.

Year: 2010

System requirements: Having installed ABBYY Lingvo

Number of Titles/Card: 78071/65685