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Download G D.GPaquet Builder 2.9.6

Paquet Builder

is a mix between a Zip, 7-Zip and Cab Self-Extracting archive maker, and an advanced software Setup routine generator. Featuring powerful and versatile options, it can output several types of compact Self-Extractors for professional file and software delivery. Make SFXPackage up any document or program files, construct sophisticated Setup routines for your software programs, generate updates and patches, share and install databases, wrap your multimedia presentations or even several Windows* Installer MSI setups into single .exe files ready for delivery over the Internet, construct any package for the web: everything is allowed with Paquet Builder!

* What is a Self-Extracting distribution?

A Self-Extracting distribution is a single stand-alone executable program (package) that contains compressed files and allows them to be extracted without requiring any other utility: they contain the code required to unpack these files. You just need to run them in order to get your files again.