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Download Vienna Symphonic Library Epic Horns

Vienna Symphonic Library Epic Horns KONTAKT | 628MB

The horn ensemble of eight double horns has been known as the *Epic Horns* since our Horizon Series sample libraries. It is an impressive sounding body that not only fulfills the sonic ideal of the theatrical late Romantic orchestra but also meets the challenge of *larger than life* scores for modern cinema.

Features: - Staccato with 4 Round Robin

- Original VSL legato in p and f with improved script and Glisan

- Change the articulations with Modwheel like the Original VSL.

- The whole instrument is used with a single interface

- Works at a single midi channel

- The driver Speed has the midi learn feature with the right mouse button to assign it to any controller on your keyboard or Daw.

- Script to increase or decrease the speed of the articulations as repetitions. legato. flatter crescendo. forte piano piano. glide