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Download D16 Group Audio Software Total Bundle VST VSTi 2010

D16 Group Audio Software Total Bundle VST VSTi 2010

D16 Group Audio Software Total Bundle

The package, which includes all the latest plug-ins developer.

Phoscyon 1.8.0 - Bass Line

Drumazon 1.4.4 - Drum Machine

Nepheton 1.4.5 - Drum Machine

Nithonat 1.4.4 - Drum Machine

Devastor 1.2.0 - Multiband Distortion Unit

Fazortan 1.2.0 - Controllable Space Phaser

Decimort 1.2.0 - High Quality Bit Crasher

Redoptor 1.2.0 - Vintage Tube Distortion

Toraverb 1.2.1 - Space Modulated Reverb

Syntorus 1.0.0 - Double Path Analog Chorus

This bundle gathers all plug-ins we have made: Phoscyon - taking the classic analogue sound of the legendary 303 silver box into the future. It offers an unmatched sound together with many advanced features. To read more click here.

Drumazon - emulates the famous 909 drum machine. All the instruments are synthesized in exactly the same way as the original. All the nuances and detail of the original are captured perfectly. In addition, all Drumazon instruments have enhanced controls. This extra functionality allows the user to adjust the sounds further than on the original unit. To read more click here.

Nepheton - emulates the famous 808 drum machine. All the nuances and details of the instruments sounds are captured perfectly. The instruments models are equipped with additional controls giving you possibility to tweak the sound much better. To read more click here.

Nithonat - is fully synthesized drum machine which emulates classic 606 box. This perfect emulation is enhanced with extra functionality taking the little pocket drum machine to the new dimension. To read more click here.

Devastor - simple but remarkable Multiband Distortion Unit. It is an enhanced version of the distortion unit from our famous Phoscyon synthesizer. To read more click here.

Fazortan - Controlable Space Phaser created with the most advanced analog modelling techniques. To read more click here.

Decimort - High Quality Bit Crusher with a complex and advanced signal processing algorithms, simulating the behaviour of the whole sampling path which exists in every AD/DA converter. To read more click here.

Redoptor - High quality Vintage Tube Distortion with an exact emulation of a tube's circuits. To read more click here.

Toraverb - Space Modulated Reverb is a concept algorithm reverb. It allows the user to create practically ANY type of reverb. To read more click here.

Syntorus - Double Path Analog Chorus is a chorus effecting unit with a double delay line. It's capable of emulating almost every classic unit available.

Full Features

emulation of analog delay line

double delay line

LFOs synchronized with host application

built-in tremolo effect

presets organised into groups

midi learn function

64bit internal processing

System requirements


OS: Windows XP or Windows Vista

CPU: 1.5 Ghz with SSE (Multicore system 2.0 Ghz recommended)

RAM: 512 MB (1 GB recommended)

Software: VST host


OS: 10.4.x or 10.5.x or 10.6.x

CPU: Intel based 1.7 Ghz (2.0 Ghz recommended)

RAM: 512 MB (1 GB recommended)

Software: AU or VST host




DATE : 12 JANUARY 2011



DiSK : 37 x 1.5MB