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Download DefenseWall Personal Firewall and HIPS 3.09

DefenseWall Personal Firewall - the world's first personal firewall, sandbox. For ordinary users it is very difficult to configure and use the usual "classical" firewalls. The vast majority of panics when he sees a lot of windows with obscure them from security issues, which need something to respond. Most of the answers to such questions are far from correct, allowing malicious code to do its work on the user's computer.

Year: 2010

Version: 3.09

Developer: SoftSphere Technologies

Platform: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7.

Language: ENG / RUS / UKR / GER

Tablet: a

Size: 36 MB

DefenseWall Personal Firewall is totally different from the standard, "classical" schemes of the software in the security field. You hardly even notice it in the work, automatically providing the highest possible level of security immediately after installation.

DefenseWall based on the concept of "sandbox" that uses untrusted software restriction zone of rights and a bit of virtualization. The new version of the program is integrated bi-directional firewall. This means that the malicious application will be unable to infect your computer and transmit information via the Internet attackers.

Malicious software (including viruses) did not materialize on your hard drive from the expanse of the universe, and come through the quite tangible sources of contamination browsers, USB-flash drives, email, IRC, multimedia clients, ICQ (instant messaging clients), Skype, P2P (eg, through the torrent). Vce these programs are automatically added to the untrusted zone DefenseWall. If any malicious code attempts to attack your computer, using untrusted sources for the spread of computer, all attempts to infect your machine or steal confidential information (usernames, passwords) are unsuccessful. A component control connections to the internet making it impossible to attempt to transfer information from your computer attackers.

>> There is no training period (as in the classical solutions).

>> The absolute minimum of windows with a handshake in the industry.

>> Full compatibility with other security solutions.

>> There is no need either to configure (configure ports, sockets, ...).

>> No need to verify the changed application.

DefenseWall HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System) - this is the easiest and simplest way to protect yourself from malicious software, which is unable to defend your anti-virus when you're online! Using the technology of the next generation proactive protection, DefenseWall help you achieve the maximum level of protection without requiring you to any special knowledge and continuous online updates databases. No signatures, no popup windows, no false positives. It is just reliable and transparent protection, easy to use and powerful.

DefenseWall HIPS divides all applications into trusted and nedoverennye.Nedoverennye applications are launched with limited rights to modification of critical system parameters in a specially allocated for them in the virtual zone that separates them from trusted applications. In the case of penetration of the untrusted applications of malware, it will not harm your system and can be closed with just one click! With DefenseWall Internet surfing has never been so easy, simple and safe! Try it and see for yourself!

MiniFAQ software products

How to install?

Read the instructions inside the archive. Everything is painted to the smallest detail

What is the difference between the products?

The differences are very simple: Edition Personal Firewall - it's HIPS + control inbound and outbound connections. Control outgoing needed to suppress the work of trojans, botnets daunloaderov and agents, monitoring incoming needed to protect the trusted zone sandbox.

You can install both of the product?

NO! Select only one product - one that suits you best!