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Download Zillya! LiveCD 2011

Zillya! LiveCD - Designed specifically for cases where the user's operating system is corrupted by malicious software and no longer able to work correctly or not at all loaded.

Main features Zillya! LiveCD: - Full scan, even if the operating system can not be loaded.

- Zillya! LiveCD before treatment makes backup copies of files that allows you to recover files properly disinfected.

- Boot disk Zillya! LiveCD uses an alternative operating system that is able to run most Windows-based programs.

- Can connect external USB-drives. Also, in many cases it is possible to connect to the Internet.

- Created based on free software - Arch Linux.

When to use Zillya! LiveCD?

1. The computer is not possible to install the normal version of the Anti-virus for damages certain services in the system. Attribute this to the fall of the installer, it freezes, can not start after installing antivirus

2. Computer can not boot. This is possible if the day before you go to suspicious sites or to install new programs - it is a sign of potential infection.

3. Traces of contamination occur even after treatment and removal of malware. For example: the files have been removed, and after a while they again are watchdog, or after complete removal of all infected files symptoms of infection do not disappear.

How to use Zillya! LiveCD?

1. Download the image Zillya! LiveCD on an uninfected computer.

2. Write down the loaded image on a CD-R or CD-RW.

3. Insert the disk into an infected computer and restart it.

4. After the reboot, go into the settings BIOS (usually this is done by pressing the Del, F12 or F2 at the start of the boot - before Windows starts to load. There verify that the computer boots start from the optical disc.

5. If done correctly, once you reboot your computer, you'll see a menu Zillya! LiveCD. Select the item in it Zillya! LiveCD.

6. After loading the operating system will load the scanner that allows to perform virus scans and found to cure the problem.

System requirements for Zillya! LiveCD: CPU frequency: 800 MHz or higher

Memory: 256 MB or more

CD or DVD-ROM drive

Image Checksum: CRC32: 582CCF76

MD5: 878882E72DE93B8D310218BDE6DACFE5

SHA-1: 2BC6A43D09E465129331B47B1E1491A743225DE9

Information about the program: Title: Zillya! LiveCD

Release Date: 12/01/2011

Virus database: 2977857 records

Developer: * Zillya

Platform: PC