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Download Intuit TurboTax Canada 2010

TurboTax Accurately Guides You Step-By-Step To Your Maximum Refund. Guaranteed.1

Just like a GPS in your car, TurboTax literally maps out your return as you make your way to your maximum refund with these handy and helpful features: * Mapping icons: Know exactly what stage of your return you're in, and how far you need to go to finish

* Set flags anywhere: Easily mark sections you need to revisit, so you can find them again later - without getting lost

* Accuracy check: Double-checks your return for errors, helps you correct them and ensures every tax-saving opportunity has been found

What does this mean?

It means that you can have confidence knowing your return is accurate. It means that you'll know exactly when one section is complete and you're ready to start another. It means that you'll know exactly where you are in your return, and how far is left to go. And it means that you're in control over how and when you prepare your return.

Imports Data From QuickBooks.

You can import your QuickBooks income and expense data directly into TurboTax 20.

By importing data from QuickBooks, you: * Enter less information than if you started from scratch

* Lessen the room for errors

* Save time while improving accuracy

Business Tax Made Simple.

For Sole Proprietors, Unincorporated Businesses and Consultants & Contractors.

Small business owners know the value of hard work - after all, it takes a lot of effort to maintain a successful home-based business. And when you work for yourself, you tend to skip the coffee breaks.

That's why TurboTax 20 looks out for small business owners & contractors... so that you can save time and keep the filing process simple. Thanks to step-by-step guidance, including the EasyStep* Interview, TurboTax 20 helps you easily & confidently prepare personal, business or multiple tax returns.

Plus, the Business Expert Interview highlights possible self-employment deductions - like your vehicle, supplies and utilities - as you answer plain-language questions. It's all part of helping you get every business deduction you deserve.

Business taxes don't have to be hard. In fact with TurboTax 20, it's pretty simple.

Installation Instructions

Run TurboTax2010_1012 canada.exe

To Install Intuit TurboTax Canada 2010

follow The Onscreen Instructions By The Installer

[ TurboTax Help Survey ] [ Launch TurboTax 2010 ]

And Click Finish To Complete The Setup, Now Dont Start The Program

And Make Sure Its Not Running, Now Go The Folder [ A.C. Patch ]

And Extract And Start The Keygen, When The Keygen Starts, Select

The Tab [ Keygen ] Select Your Language, Choose Your Version,

I Chose -> [ Pro 20 ] Year [ 2009 ], Now Click [ Generate ],

Now Start The Program, And Type Your [ Generated ] Installation Key

Where Stated On The Program, Once Done Click [ Next > ], Now Select,

[ Automated Telephone Activation ] And Click [ Next > ], Now On The

Program Type Your [ Computer Key ] On The Keygen Where Stated

Once You Typed Your [ Computer Key ] On The Keygen Where Stated Without

Spaces, Click The [ + ] Sign And Click Next On The Program Now Click

[ Finish ]

[ N.B. ] If You Start The Program And Your Ask To Register

UnTick-> [ Remind Me Later ] And Click [ Register Later ]

You Can Update The Program Also, But You Would Need

To Follow Instructions Again To Re-Activate,

Done Enjoy !!! .