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InsidePro PasswordsPro is a professional program to enable Password recovery, using many and powerful methods.This program is designated for the recovery of passwords for different types of hashes. The program currently supports about 30 types of hashes, and new ones can be easily added by creating a custom external hashing DLL-module. The actual list of available modules can be found on the software-related forum. The peak number of hashes the application is capable of working with simultaneously is 256.

Key Features: Passwords recovery using the following methods: * Preliminary attack

* Brute-force attack (including distributed attack)

* Mask attack

* Simple dictionary attack

* Combined dictionary attack

* Hybrid dictionary attack

* Rainbow-tables attack

* Recovery of passwords of up to 127-character length

* Recovery of passwords for incomplete hashes of any type

* User hash editor

* Searching data on the list of imported users

* Quick-add hash using a dialog box

* Quick-add hashes from Clipboard

* Quick-check current password for all imported users

* Support of character replacement tables for hybrid dictionary attack

* Unlimited number of dictionaries available for dictionary attack

* Unlimited number of tables available for Rainbow-tables attack

* Unlimited number of servable users with hashes (in the licensed version).