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Download Syncfusion Essential Studio

Syncfusion Essential Studio

version of Syncfusion Essential Studio to support Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. It includes major updates to each of the suites*WPF, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Windows Forms, BackOffice, Business Intelligence, and Silverlight Editions. As part of Volume 3, Syncfusion releases the gold version of Essential Studio ASP.NET MVC Edition. The Studio features a Grid, Editor, Chart, and much more. These ASP.NET MVC controls have a clean MVC model and no WebForms legacy code. In addition, there is great jQuery integration including wrappers for common jQuery-UI controls.

Syncfusion Essential Studio

Business Intelligence Edition includes OLAP-aware Grid, Chart, and Gauge controls. The Volume 3 release of the BI Studio features integrated support for displaying key performance indicators (KPIs) directly from OLAP cubes. In addition, there is support for exporting OLAP reports to Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF documents. With the BI Studio, developers can create OLAP reports and dashboards in a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) manner.

The WebForms ASP.NET components were updated to be fully compatible with Internet Explorer version 8. Essential Diagram now has optimized layout support. Essential Chart includes various new chart types such as heat map, inverse polar, and radar charts.

The WPF Edition features the all new Essential Grid WPF control with unrivalled performance, grouping complete with summaries, unbound columns, and much more. The WPF Studio has over 500 amazing vector icons with a skin manager to enhance developer*s WPF applications. In addition, Essential Chart and Essential Diagram have been enhanced with rich end-user customization.

The Windows Form Edition features several enhancements: Essential Tools now has an improved ribbon control, Essential Diagram has optimized layout support with improved performance, and Essential Chart has all new chart types. The new chart types for Windows Forms also include heat map, inverse polar, and radar charts.

Essential Studio Silverlight Edition has all new features, such as the new Docking Manager, which enables developers to add rich docking support to Silverlight 3 applications. The ribbon control adds tab group, gallery, and mini-toolbar support. The chart includes enhanced support for zooming and axis customization.

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