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Download Cypheros TS-Doctor

The Cypheros TS-Doctor

application was designed recorded DVB transport stream and can check for errors and, if possible, make it as compatible as it can to play it back without studdering or picture and sound delay. The program tries to change as little as possible in the original stream in order not to create additional incompatibilities. PAT and PMT be adjusted and non-existent PIDs deleted from the tables. The picture and sound streams will be analysed and displayed. Not needed streams will be deleted.

Functions: - Automaticaly remove of commercials **

- Cutting and Preview for multi file recordings

- Verify (show errors in streams)

- Clean (remove unnecessary data)

- Repair

- Merge

- Make incompatible stream playable

- Cut (remove advertisement, etc.)

- Delete of audio streams

- Delete of teletext streams

- Edit TS packets

- Processing of multi program recordings

- Conversion to MKV, DVR, AVCHD, Bluray

- Batch processing

- Demuxing

Transmission Standards: HD-TV, SD-TV, DVB-Radio, AVCHD

Supported Input Formats: TS, DVR, M2TS, TRP, TS4, REC, TP, TP0 etc.

Supported Output Formats: TS, DVR, MKV*, M2TS*, AVCHD*, Bluray*

Receiver: DBOX2, Dreambox 8000/800/500, Kathrein UFS-922/910, Comag SL100-HD/SL90/SL60, Technisat HD-S2, Technomate 6800HD, ICord HD, Homecast HT8000,HS8100, Vintage VT-1 etc.

What's New in This Release: * Support for Cyberlink PowerDVD 10 H264 filter and demuxer

* Emulation prevention buffer size enlarged

* Fixed large number of warnings after "Check only", although no corresponding entries in the log

* Problem with info3.dvr files fixed introduced in Beta 1.0.84

* Saving of last used path can be deactivates under preferences now

* Fixed sporadic error while creating a new PAT for PAT-less recordings

* PAT was not rebuilt if old PAT was corrupted (BBC radio)

* Problems solved if a faulty TS package is located directly in front of the PMT

* Support for the DVICO PVR format (*.tp)

* Fix: Enhanced stream type detection of PMT less recordings (Living HD)

* Problem solved for Czech DVR recordings, where no PIDs are found

* List of file names for multi file recordings (splitted file) in log

* Stream type detection for files that have no PMT are no longer scanned at the beginning of the file to not get "PMT not valid" for files with "bad" beginning The last used path for saving is now correctly set